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Actions on Google is a program for developers of “Actions” (software applications) that run via Google Google on smartphones and the Google Smartphone and the Google Allo mobile app. Actions for Google includes toolkits, tutorials, and other community resources. Developers can build two types of Actions. Direct Actions are simple; according to ‘The Verge’: “ask for information, get an answer.” Conversation Actions, in contrast, are more back and forth. “Conversational Actions using tools from Dialogflow, which has been integrated into Actions for Google. As of April 2017 There are more than 175 Actions for Google Assistant, including ones from Uber, The Motley Fool, NPR One, NBC News, and Domino’s Pizza.

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350pages is a web-based website construction tool which was launched in October 2007. It was created to enable non-technical users to create and publish web sites without any need for any design, authoring or technical skills. It is unique in that it has 2 types of customizable templates, auto format and free format. It also differs from other websites in the search engine optimization tool, and the search engine optimization tool. storage.

350pages was developed by ZyNet Ltd., which was formed in the UK in 1994 as the first Internet Service Providers in the UK and early adopters of server-based solutions. ZyNet co-developed ZyWeb, launched in 1997, which was one of the world’s first web-based website builders. 350pages was created using Web 2.0 technologies which were not available when ZyWeb was developed.

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NetBeans is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Java. NetBeans allows applications to be developed from a set of modular software components called modules. NetBeans runs on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and Solaris. In addition to Java development, it has PHP, C, C ++, HTML5, Javadoc, and Javascript. Applications based on NetBeans, including the NetBeans IDE, can be extended by third party developers. The NetBeans Team actively supports the product and search feature suggestions from the wider community. Every release is preceded by a time for community testing and feedback.

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