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CodeCharge Studio is a rapid application development (RAD) and integrated development environment (IDE) for creating database-driven web applications. It is a code generator and templating engine that separates the presentation layer from the coding layer, with the aim of allowing designers and programmers to work cohesively in a web application (the model-view-controller design pattern). CodeCharge is the first product released by Yes Software, after two years of development.

CodeCharge utilizes point-and-click wizards for creating data and search forms, grids, and editable grids. The databases it supports include MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, PostgreSQL, and Oracle, as well as any other database that supports web connectivity. CodeCharge can export code to all major programming languages, such as ASP.NET, ASP, Java, ColdFusion, PHP, and Perl. CodeCharge employees an interactive user interface (UI) designed for the creation of web applications. When generating code, CodeCharge automatically structures the code, using naming conventions and comments to describe the code’s purpose. Moreover, CodeCharge keeps the application separate from the code it generates, so it can be converted to any language at any time. Without additional programming, CodeCharge-generated project is a routed web site (where everything is routed through, for example, index.asp); rather, every page is accessible by reference to its own name or URL.

Here are listed technologies which used, when the application is ready and running. * OOP – The generated application is Object Oriented. Every structural element, like database connection, grid, navigation bar, the visible page itself etc. are all objects. The application uses the Microsoft .NET 2 Framework and will also install when the .NET 3.5 framework is detected on the host computer.

In 2003, regarding the original version of CodeCharge Studio, Arbi Arzoumani of PHP Architect wrote: Kevin Yank of TechPoint SitePoint was impressed by the many ways in which experienced developers of software rather than being limited by it. , as is the case with most RAD tools for Web development. ” In his review of CodeCharge Studio 2.0, Troy Dreier wrote in the Intranet Journal, “CodeCharge Studio [allows] Web Application Developers [to] shave literally off their development times.” CodeCharge Studio 3.0 received a rating of 3.5 out of 5 from Peter B. MacIntyre of php | architect.

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