Cylex is a group of international companies with business activities in more than 35 countries. Founded in 1997, it has offices in Oberhausen, Germany, and Romania (Oradea, Palota). The company’s CEO is Francisc Osvald. Cylex offers a wide range of services in terms of online business solutions. Its main products are local search engines, a website builders and a job portal.

The first product with the Cylex brand name was developed in 1997. It was launched in Germany as In 2006 Cylex has established a new headquarter in Oradea, next to its headquarter in Oberhausen, Germany. In 2011, the portal is expanded with the initial name of ‘’. In 2016, the job portal was renamed to JoZoo, and made available to Germany and also for the UK as JoZoo UK.In 2012 Cylex also launched under the name MyCylex. It’s a website builder that enables the online creation of websites using the drag and drop technique. The goal of this website was ‘… make it easy for non-technical users to create and publish professional websites without any prior knowledge of design or technical skills.’


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