m-Power is software that builds an interface over legacy business applications and databases. m-Power uses a point-and-click interface to create enterprise web applications. CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Applications created by m-Power on Java or platform that supports Java. m-Power is one of several data visualization packages such as this Spotfire and Tableau.

m-Power’s predecessors date back to 1983, when mrc developed the mrc-Query Series. The mrc-Query Series was originally built to enable business people at all levels to become independent of programmers. However, it is a very simple way to work with programmers and developers. In 1987, mrc developed the mrc-Productivity Series. The mrc-Productivity Series provides rapid development, rapid development, and real-time reporting capabilities in one package. Moreover, it was a “trainable” code generator, meaning users could teach the mrc-Productivity Series which language to develop applications, and their own coding standards and syntax. The mrc-Productivity Series, however, was limited to the IBM AS400 Database. In an effort to branch out beyond the AS400 market, mrc trained the mrc-Productivity Series to generate Java code. Using the newly trained mrc-Productivity Series, mrc developed m-Power in 2004.

IBM Star Stream Application Award (1996) – The International Star Application Stream competition is designed to showcase the most outstanding AS / 400 application solutions developed by IBM Business Partners worldwide. Midrange Systems Buyers Choice Award (1998) – The Buyers Choice Awards is an annual competition open to all third party vendors of IBM midrange computing products and services. AS / 400 Technology SHOWCASE Product Excellence Award (2000) – Voted Best Product in the AS / 400-based Application Development category in the 2000 AS / 400 Technology SHOWCASE Product Excellence Awards. Apex Award for Application Development (2004) – Editors’ Choice winner in the Application Development Systems category.

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