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Question Writer is a quiz authoring tool for Microsoft Windows. It is used for authoring questions and compiling them into quizzes in the Flash file format. The software is published by Central Question.

The user interface treats each quiz as a separate document. The document interface makes the questions available in a tree-view on the left hand side and a large preview. This section of the question, section or entire quiz. The software uses a multiple document interface allowing a number of quizzes to be open simultaneously. Drag and drop is used to re-order questions within a quiz and copy questions between quizzes.

Question Writer is in its third and third editions, ‘Basic’, ‘Standard’ and ‘Professional’. The Basic version is made freely available for personal use but is restricted to multiple choice questions. The Standard version has a range of questions, features and quiz themes. The Professional version adds more advanced features, including a partial credit question and question pooling.

Question Writer users create quizzes by adding questions and choosing the settings that apply to the quiz. The setting parameters allow changes with the question of randomization and selection, the time limits, the reporting and the level of the marking scheme and the passing score. 8 question types can be used, those are

The manual is available online at WikiBook.

Quizzes can be published for the web, in which a SWF is compiled and exported together with a small HTML driver and Javascript file. Quizzes can also be published as SCORM packages, in which the files are published inside a SCORM 1.2 compliant zip file. Question Writer is notable in that it compiles all the resources of a quiz into a single standalone SWF file.

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