SiteW is a French-based company that offers a website building service.

The idea for SiteW (pronounced Double-Vee Site) was born in the Spring of 2007 when Fabien Versange and Cédric Hamel, two computer scientists with a shared passion for web technologies, were approached by several local businesses in the Auvergne region, such as associations , small shops, shopkeepers and artisans to design their websites. These people had a limited budget and were unable to provide services for these services, while also lacking the technical knowledge to create websites on their own. This site is designed to help you find your way around the world, to create a website for your website, and to access the website. tool. Hailing from Cantal, in the central region of France, the company was registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Aurillac in January 2008, where they opened their offices in Calvinet before relocating to Cassaniouze after three years, launching their website and online web services at Month Later. Business picked up quickly with hundreds of users in the first couple of months and months of the year. By December 2010 the company had successfully registered and created 150,000 websites. In 2011 the German version of the website was released. On the other hand, we have more than 500,000 websites created and launched using the siteW tools with 15% of the customer base coming from abroad. In September 2014 the company had managed to help create 1 million websites.

The company offers a web based service, using the SaaS model, making the platform easy to access. The tools are simplified and easy to understand, using a simple drag-and-drop methodology for creating a website. The websites that are created are then hosted on the web. The company provides various solutions and sizes of storage space, depending on the size and functionality necessary to facilitate the customer’s needs. The most basic membership is free, with the highest available costing subscription € 23.99 / Month. Making use of HTML5 and CSS3 the website and its services.

As of 2016 the company has launched over 1.5 million websites for a global customer base spread across 216 countries. On average 600 new websites per day are launched by people using the SiteW services. In 2010 the company was awarded the Golden Laurels at the Talents for Technological Innovation Competition, making them 1 of 3 recipients from the Auvergne region that year.

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