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The Softwell Maker is an environment development. Designer uses visual forms and reports (WYSIWYG), business rules, and other types of flowcharts.

The Maker project was born in 2002, within Freire Informática Ltda. a software factory in Bahia that operates in the public area, which developed over 100 solutions based on the Softwell Maker platform since the first versions of the product. In 2004, Softwell Solutions Ltd was created to be a specialized company in the evolution and improvement of Maker and other tools to improve software development.

The Softwell Maker platform is composed of two interdependent products, an IDE and a royalty-free runtime, respectively called Maker and Webrun. The IDE is in charge of recording the specifications of the system within a set of data bases, the Webrun reads these specifications and provides the ultimate application for the customer. Using Softwell Maker so many steps from traditional development process are useless, skipped or automatically filled when we are developing software using this tool. Then we will experience a new tool. We hope this information is as soon as possible.

Applications developed by Softwell Maker are not tied to a programming language, so they will always be technologically upgraded to preserve the real value of software: the business rules.
The IDE of the Softwell Maker platform (which gives the

product of the product is a simple and intuitive way to
product is currently in version 2.4 is an application for Microsoft Windows (win32) compatible with versions 2000, Me, XP and Vista (32 e 64 bits) of Windows; Softwell Maker platform is made of a form designer, a report designer (MakerReport), flowcharts designer (MakerFlow), a set of wizards and tools to support the developer.

Used to develop the forms of application is a 100% visual approach available to the developer of a very flexible set of components that can be added to the form and used by the WYSIWYG philosophy. The forms may be connected to a table in the database, but may also be connected to other databases, by the integration of various databases.

This allows for reports with visual support for graphics, table cross-references, and sub-reports groups at various levels. The generated reports can be executed in the environment Win32 / WINE, or be exported to Jasper, a report generator written in Java;

Sometimes called MakerFlow or simply Flow, this is the component that allows the complete independence of the code, since the actions and business rules will be defined using a 100% visual approach. The development of a business process, the concept of business development, and the implementation of

a business process. set of tools to support the development in the Softwell Maker platform. We can mention the following ones:

The Webrun can be defined as the virtual machine on which the Softwell Maker platform is executed. It is responsible for providing the necessary resources for correct software execution. Currently we are available for the Java and .NET platform. Over Java, the application is distributed as a standard WAR file, and is approved for the following application servers: Tomcat 5.5 / 6, JBoss, Weblogic, and Websphere. This application is one of the following: AJAX, the database connections, the load balancing, the pool connections, and a number of other services used in the application, fully provided by Webrun.

The picture below shows some details of the implementation of the SoftWare Maker, where business rules can run into three layers: client (JavaScript), server (Java / .NET), and database (Oracle, MS-SQL Server, PostgreSQL, …). We can also realize internals subsystems of Visual Interface Builder (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PDF, …), Database Management (Transactions, Procedures, Sequences, …), and System Manager (User’s session, authentication, permissions, …).

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