WebORB Integration Server

WebORB is an integrated server managed by Midnight Coders Incorporated. It is used in SOA / Rich Internet Application development projects to connect browser clients (Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash, AJAX, Java, .NET, Silverlight, JSON) and mobile clients (Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry PlayBook) with backend services ( .NET, Java, PHP and Ruby on Rails) and databases (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC and Oracle database). It combines technologies that provide developer productivity tools, AMF remoting, real time messaging, code-level security and real time streaming media. Midnight Coders positions WebORB has a full-featured platform that has been shown to reduce the complexity of multitier architecture integration, thus speeding the development process and time to market. (See Case Studies. There are four WebORB versions – WebORB for .NET, WebORB for Java, WebORB for PHP, and WebORB for Rails. WebORB PDF Generator is a product that plugs into WebORB for .NET and WebORB for Java to provide server-side PDF generation.

Developer Productivity Tools -used to improve workflow processes, resulting in better use of developer time. WebORB’s developer productivity tools consist of: Messaging / Streaming – Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) media for chat messaging and streaming video, as well as, publish / subscribe and push data. Midnight Coders released WebORB for .NET version 4.X recently, which can be run in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and supports expanding and contracting on cloud computing based on user volume. Midnight Coders announced in February 2011 an integration with Sapphire’s Steel Amethyst IDE, which runs inside Visual Studio. This integration is reviewed by Visual Studio Magazine.

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