WebSharper is an open source and commercial web-programming framework that allows web developers to create and maintain complex JavaScript and HTML5 front-end applications in the F # programming language. Other than a few native libraries, everything is F # source.

WebSharper includes support for jQuery, HTML5, DOM and EcmaScript. WebSharper Mobile includes support for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Forms and Sitelets. Unlike many other web-programming toolkits, WebSharper offers a rich set of abstractions and DSL syntax for common web-related chores.

WebSharper extensions include

WebSharper can be used with any text editor. WebSharper can also be used with Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012 ASP.NET integration and with MonoDevelop.

As a general framework for making web apps, WebSharper is also capable of being used as a framework for making mobile and tablet apps, by using the widgets and animations from scratch, or by using one of the mobile frameworks for WebSharper. An HTML5 app written in WebSharper.

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